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Personal Pictures that I've compiled through the Years, and now, I'm sharing it with you...
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Come and meet my family, I included some of my baby pictures... so that you'll see how cute I was... ewan ko ba kung anong nangyare at mas cute ako ngayon! Bwehehehe

Here, you'll meet my family, ng makita nyo lahi naming magaganda't gwapo... Hehehe, I did this so that I can add a more personal touch on my web page...


This is almost my whole family, andun ako sa tabi ng papa ko, then yung naka red si ate erika yon, then si kiefer yung naka yellow, then tita inday, my aunt, alison is beside mama, wala dyan si ate tine, kase she's the one taking the picture, si mark naman eh, basta andyan sya, we know it.

Even if the whole world leaves you, Even if all your friends deserted you, you're family is the one thing who'll stand by your side no matter what. They will love you unconditionally.

No matter how imperfect every family may seem... when things get rough, and you feel like you've lost everything and everyone that truly mattered to you.... your family will be there...

Mawala na lahat, Pero Pamilya mo di ka iiwan.

(Pinaikli ko na, haba kase pag English eh! hehe!)