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More pics
Personal Pictures that I've compiled through the Years, and now, I'm sharing it with you...

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More pics

That's ate tine.... our secend eldest! Ganda noh! Syempre it runs in the family eh! Lolz, With her is our Father, pogi pogi nyan! hehehe... I dunno kung nasan sila eh, pero ang ganda nung walls noh! Bwehehehe...


Here I might describe the photo above.

That's my youngest sister Kiefer Noelle, and our father, ewan ko kung nasan sila, what I know is typical Sunday yan, and Sunday for us means Family Day... Nasa shell ata sila nyan sa may South Super Highway....


Here I might describe the photo above.


That's our youngest sister Kiefer, she's our sweet little angel.... noon little sya, pero ngayon mas matangkad na sya saken!!! Kainis! Di bale! "Tatangkad Din Ako!"

Cute talaga ng bunso namin noh! Wahehhee!


A beach house; Size=240 pixels wide

Here I might describe the photo above.