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IT tAkEs oNe tO kNoW oNe................. WeLcOmE tO mY LaIr.........


Truth about Things | Unyielding Thoughts | Truth Be Told...
Unyielding Thoughts



If only I could find the words to say,
To describe what I truly feel in every way.
But no work of art could best tell,
That having you makes me feel so well.

Through all the sharing and all the caring,
You mean to me more than anyhting.
With you I've found love in it's truest meaning,
Loving you is all that's worth living.

We may drift apart, yet to me you'll always be near,
We may not see eachother, but in my heart you're here.
Though we find ourselves living in an entirely different world,
Still the warmth of my love shall never turn cold.

In a restless world things may often be wrong,
But always our love, shall remain strong.
Even if time change our lives do let it go,
You can be sure, I'll forever be loving you so...


Some people builds walls instead of bridges,
And so they're hearts ache in silence.
Refusing to open-up, keeps their feelings to themselves
But the question is.. "Can you blame them?"

Some people feels so alone and unwanted,
So they shut everybody out coz' more than once they've been rejected.
And so, there whole life was affected
By cruel people, who feels more important,
By making others feel sorry for themselves.

How can someone pass out emotions such as these?
Don't they know how painful it is?
To be left-out and forced to be on your own
To feel lost in a place where you should truly belong?

Yet somewhere along the way.... They'll find there rightful place.
Where they could forget about the past. and focus on things that's yet to be embraced.
The world may never ran out of people such as those..
But have faith, you'll never ran out of hands,

Reaching out for you to hold...



Hear me Out


I dont wanna hear what you wanna say

I just wanna go through my day

So go away and shut up

Id rather lock myself up!



Im tired of explainin

Im all bummed out from talkin

Whats the use for reasonin

If youll never listen to what Im sayin?



If you aint got the time, then so do I,

If your opinion is all that matters, then

I guess am just waistin mah time!

I dont wanna hear it!

Im sick of all this Bullshit!

Just leave me alone,

I gotta mind of mah own!


Whats the big deal in slippin from time to time?

Wake up dude! Look around, humans do that


This attitude that you got is hurting me big time

Because you matter that much!

So why cant you just open your eyes and see?

Just how much you mean to me?



I love you, you know I do,

And I know thats how you feel too

But sometimes I feel that were drifting apart,

And boy you know, its breaking mah heart.



But maybe, if youll just learn to

Trust me and take away all your doubts

Then who knows? Maybe, hopefully,

On one fine day, youll learn to