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Truth about Things
Unyielding Thoughts
Truth Be Told...
IT tAkEs oNe tO kNoW oNe................. WeLcOmE tO mY LaIr.........
Truth about Things



Sometimes I feel Im living this

Life without purpose

Never gonna be able to accomplish

Anything I suppose

I go through my days with blank pages

To fill

Empty thoughts in my head are running still


Sometimes I think of the days to come,

Will I be someone of true essence?

Or just another bumm

A lot of questions in my life that are still left unanswered

Will I ever find meaning to my existence?

Or will I just wither and die like the others?


Sometimes Im scared to go out and face

The world

Afraid of the truths that could be discovered and told

Others think Im someone of true character

Little do they know, that behind this mask

Is a face filled with anxiety and terror.


My jokes and laughter will soon be gone and forgotten

Soon Ill be remembered as someone who used

To make them laugh way back then

And after all is said and done

Im afraid of not having anything to show

For myself and drift through life without effect.


My thoughts about this I have never shared with anyone

For Im scared to be looked down upon

But there are times that I just wanna unleash

The scariest thoughts I have

But I might never find someone who might just

Give a damn!


 So dont be fooled with the sweetest smile that I possess

For underneath is a poor soul scared of failing

Lifes ultimate test

And when you see me laughing and cracking up a joke

It might just be the time I may be needing a friend

The most.




by: Kathleen Ninonuevo

Gone Friendship

I have this friend of mine

We had this petty fight

It was a little misunderstanding

That ended up to something


At first I thought that time was all

We needed

To take away all the pain and resentment

But little did I know that it was the end of everything

And now, were both left with nothing.


The friendship is now gone

And cruel coldness is all thats left

Though memories of yesterday still echoes

In my head

I know now that its useless to even try and

Remember them.


Am I hurt? Yes I am.

Do I feel the loss? Yes I most certainly do.

Is there a chance for reconciliation?

Only time will tell.


I never thought that he was capable

Of such cruel motives

Even trying to use our common friends

And place them at both ends

Nor did I ever thought that things would

Turn out the way it did

And now theres no choice but to say goodbye

To the friendship that was once so sweet.


Whatever his plans are in trying to hurt me,

I wish that hed be happy if he succeeds.

Whatever ideas hes got to try to inflict

Some sort of pain and rejection towards me

I think its best that Ill just try to take them as it comes.


But I wont fight him nor swear, nor call him names

But one thing Im sure of is.

Theres no way we can bring back what was lost and gone

and that things will never be the same.


This is an informal goodbye to the friend that I

Once had

And though theres no way to restore the friendship

And compassion

For the last time, sorry for what I did that hurt you,

And that, it was never my intention.



I know apologies wont matter anymore

And that youve decided to close your door

But just incase theres room for one

Id like to say sorry for what Ive done


And though your acceptance of this would

Still matter

I just want you to know that with your friendship,

Im no longer after.