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These... are my thoughts...

Hope you'll have fun reading them, and sana in one way or another.. maka relate kayo...




If only I could find the words to say,
To describe what I truly feel in every way.
But no work of art could best tell,
That having you makes me feel so well.

Through all the sharing and all the caring,
You mean to me more than anyhting.
With you I've found love in it's truest meaning,
Loving you is all that's worth living.

We may drift apart, yet to me you'll always be near,
We may not see eachother, but in my heart you're here.
Though we find ourselves living in an entirely different world,
Still the warmth of my love shall never turn cold.

In a restless world things may often be wrong,
But always our love, shall remain strong.
Even if time change our lives do let it go,
You can be sure, I'll forever be loving you so...


Some people builds walls instead of bridges,
And so they're hearts ache in silence.
Refusing to open-up, keeps their feelings to themselves
But the question is.. "Can you blame them?"

Some people feels so alone and unwanted,
So they shut everybody out coz' more than once they've been rejected.
And so, there whole life was affected
By cruel people, who feels more important,
By making others feel sorry for themselves.

How can someone pass out emotions such as these?
Don't they know how painful it is?
To be left-out and forced to be on your own
To feel lost in a place where you should truly belong?

Yet somewhere along the way.... They'll find there rightful place.
Where they could forget about the past. and focus on things that's yet to be embraced.
The world may never ran out of people such as those..
But have faith, you'll never ran out of hands,

Reaching out for you to hold...

"I'll Be Here"

When you feel all lost and lonely
and no one seems to care
When your world is all dark and empty
and life seems unfair
When everyone you know has turned their backs on you
And thinking you have no one to turn to...
I'll be here...

When nobody seems to understand
Nobody cares enough to lend a helping hand
I'll be your shoulder to cry on
Your shelter from the rain
A friend that you can rely on.

When you need comfort and reassuring arms to hold you
To feel safe and secure amidst all the troubles
that surrounds you
Just reach out and hold my hand
No matter how tough the situation gets
Together we will stand...

Through all the heartches and pain
When everything seems to have changed and nothing's ever the same
I'll be the same friend that no time can change
I'll be the friend that you need
With a friendship to offer, that's yours for a lifetime to keep.


I've been thinking of writing a song
One that's sweet, but not too long
A perfect emphasis for what i truly feel
Just one look at it, you'll know and believe it's for real.

A collection of deeped seated thoughts compiled into one
A true work of art whole heartedly done
A song meant to be sang and appreciated
Simply unique, touchingly warm, but not too complex.

A song about someone who never truly felt complete
Until someone pushed through her isolation
and gave her heart a different beat
About someone who never truly felt what love really was
Until a heaven sent someone made her forget all the disappointments in her past.

And as the chosen melody breaths life to this song
Along with it's rhythm, beating with the chords of my heart and soul
For the wonderful person responsible for the meaning of this song
Honey, this masterpiece is inspired by you....

"Still There"

I've often wondered of what it's like to be an inspiration for someone
To be dedicated a song, and written a poem for
How it feels to be treated so special
To know that without a doubt there's someone who loves
you at some level

Loves you enough that even after a series of rejections,
he's still there
Someone you've never treated rightfully fair
Eventhough how many times you've ran away from him
He's still there, pursuing you, standing firm.
Shamelessly proving how true he is
Pride swallowing gutts to let you know he's for real.

On more than one occassion you've said a flat "no!"
Yet, he's still there, hoping for a glance or two
Though how many times you've ignored him, pushed him away,
He's still there, more than anything, he'll stay.

And with all your heart, you know he never deserved such treatment
That he deserves to be loved not resented
But what he doesn't know is deep inside, you just need more time
For there's really something there...
You're just too scared and hesitant to share...



Fave Quotes:

The face can speak of a thousand emotions.. But it can easily mask what the heart truly feels, Don't be fooled... Coz' the happiest face.. maybe masking the most hurting heart.

You said you can't stand to see me hurt... So, do you close your eyes, everytime you break my heart???

I saw somebody on top of a building. Magpapakamatay daw sya. Then I asked why, kase may crush daw sya sayo! Aba! Tinulak ko nga, sabi ko: "Gago ka ba? Honey ko yun noh! Cge pakamatay ka na!!!

Someone asked me if I really love you, I just kept quiet, smiled, opened my eyes, & simply walked away, and den I whispered, "Mahal na mahal!"

This are open to interpretation......

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance... A church filled with flowers and friends. I sked him what kind of wedding he wished for, He said.. The one that would make me his wife... 14!!!!

Remember the last time we were together? We were laughing so hard & because of so much fun, you didn't hear what I said. Sabi mo "ano?" Sabi ko wala, I wasn't able to tell you again, that it was the happiest day of mah life!

Let the world fall into pieces tomorrow. Let the planets collide and stars come tumbling down.. I don't need another day... now that my dreams has come true... Lucky me! I've got you!